Robert Ivy and Professional Responsibility

Professional Association Benefits

Robert Ivy is speaking out for Professional associations and its benefits. In recent research done in 2010 by the American Society of Association Executives (asae), it was reported the number of Association in the United States has grown to a staggering 52,000. With a membership of 42,000 asae speaks for a large sector of society from every demographic of society. Robert Ivy says that the word association is synonymous with value. Affiliation with a professional corporation or organization that represents the growth of your profession as AIA also represents the benefits of the organization. In short, according to Robert Ivy, every member must be responsible for those values of the organization and be held accountable for its growth. Visit the website Architectural Record to learn more about Robert Ivy.


Places for Opportunities

A member of an association is not alone, and association forms a bond of integration among its members. Today there is a lot of time spent on networking and using social media to advance one’s career. Companies like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are synonymous with social integration and finding opportunities to make oneself known among one’s professional peers.

Professional Support

Are all associations alike? Not all think that every association is made equal. There are two trains of thought about becoming a member of an association. First, there are those who believe that once a person joins a membership, the association does the rest. Secondly, there are those who see the group as an aid to further one’s profession, but the associate and not the association does most of the work. Regardless of one’s belief how an association works, the reality is that professional development is not done in a vacuum and requires help from others in any given profession. Learn more about Robert Ivy at

Professional Knowledge and Development

There is some political lobbying in professional associations which rally government to implement laws in favor of the members, and this move to influence policymakers is to ensure that the professional organization can serve society better thru its professional practices as AIA does in new integration to establish safer structures for members of a community. Robert Ivy has works to provide the tools and professional development opportunities for architects everywhere. AIA provides many professional development links on its official website among other tools for professional knowledge for it 90,000 members.


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