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Barbara Stokes: A Humanitarian Businesswoman

“Never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game.” Barbara Stokes has taken this quote to heart, made famous by the legendary Babe Ruth, as a guiding principle in her successful career. As a co-founder and CEO of Green Structure Homes of Alabama, LLC, Stokes certainly knows how to play the game. The company, under her leadership, works closely with FEMA and private industry, in disaster relief construction. For Barbara Stokes, business isn’t just about finding success and making money but to improve lives by providing humanitarian relief. The company recently, in fact, was awarded a $28 million contract to aid Houston after the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

As a mom of 3, Barbara Stokes’ day is devoted to not only running a successful business, but having a successful family. Her quest for a well-rounded life is not built on personal desire alone, but Stokes sees this is as a core value for success in her professional life. That time with her family, and volunteering in her community, provides Stokes with a more rounded perspective and lends itself to a more focused mindset once at the office.

Barbara Stokes hopes the business world will come to embrace the combination of family values and careers. She cites the example of the pet bunny the company has in its offices. Beyond the enjoyment animals provide, Stokes sees it as a strong tool for team bonding, bringing her employers together and, she notes, happier employees are more productive employees. The pet rabbit is only one tool for a company that puts its employees at the center of its core policies. Happy employees lead to happy customers, and that is, as Barbara Stokes tells any budding entrepreneur, how a business thrives. Read this article at

Barbara Stokes’ other key to success is, well, the opposite of success all together: failure. Learning to accept when things go wrong, and no business is immune, and to keep moving forward, is the only way a business will thrive. Failure will come, but Stokes suggests embracing it and using it as a tool to learn and grow, and if her thriving business is any indication, she may just be on to something.


Whitney Wolfe Managed To Get Connected To A Platform Of Influential People

Whitney Wolfe has captured the attention of a lot of magazines over the years. She would become someone that manage to gain a lot of pain because she moved beyond the sexual harassment struggle that many women were experienced. While there were others in various companies that have not been able to bounce back after sexual harassment, Whitney Wolfe has shown that she would not be a victim that stood silent. This is why she has made it to one of the Time magazine’s most 100 influential people.

Long before there was ever any talk of a hashtag movement that was connected to sexual harassment Whitney Wolfe would bring forth a lawsuit and showing that she was not going to take this type of aggression towards her in the workplace. She would actually use this fear that her co-worker try to instill in her at Tinder as fuel to start her own company called Bumble.

Read more: With Her Dating App, Women Are in Control

Now Whitney Wolfe has branched out with other components of Bumble that include Bumble BFF and Bumble Bizz. She is networking and building partnerships, and this has all been done before the age of 30. People are going to hear a lot more from Whitney Wolfe, but it is very possible that they would have never heard anything at all if she would have taking a backseat to app development after her lawsuit with Tinder.

She could have easily become a victim that would have failed to have her voice heard, but she did not remain silent. She did not cower and get in a position where she did not let her voice be heard in the workplace. Now her ideas making away to apps to help women facing these issues.

It would be easy for her to see this because she knew about this type of experience first-hand. The problem that many women have when they see these types of things is that they do not know what to do about it. What Whitney Wolfe would do would be the thing that would make her stand out the most. With the development of an app that allowed women to make the first move it was obvious that Whitney Wolfe was taking a chance at doing something that people were not accustomed to. She wanted to shake things up, and her brave heart and out of the box dating app concept gave her an edge.


Highland Capital Management Announces Sponsorship Of Engage Series At The Bush Presidential Center

Highland Capital Management has been highly supportive of the George W. Bush Presidential Center since it was established in 2013. They had given $5 million over the past five years in order to help support its mission. On January 9, 2018, they announced that they were establishing a $10 million endowment fund dedicated for this center. The money will be used to sustain this center’s public programs. They also became a presenting sponsor of a new program called “Engage at the Bush Center, Presented by Highland Capital Management”. This program will bring distinguished people to the Bush Presidential Center such as celebrated authors, newsmakers, and thought leaders who will provide lectures and direct discussions. Visit to know more.

The chief executive officer of Highland Capital Management, Jim Dondero, stated that he and his team gladly support the Bush Presidential Center and its mission to foster national dialog about policy issues. It was also announced that he would be joining its Executive Advisory Council where he would help direct this center in the future.

Many well-known people have spoken at previous Engage events. This includes Lorne Michaels, Dr. Condoleezza Rice, and Christopher Jackson who was once a cast member of Hamilton. Both of George Bush’s daughters have also had spoken as part of this series as has General Michael Hayden who used to head the CIA and also the NSA. Bono of U2 fame is also slated to soon do a speaking event at the Bush Presidential Center. To attend events like this it costs $19 and members get in for free. Read more about Highland Capital at

The first event that Highland Capital Management will be sponsoring is one that will have former Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia’s son, Christopher Scalia. He will talk about his father’s life and his writings, some of which were very humorous in nature. This will be followed by a discussion between a panel of experts. They will be discussing the state of today’s media and what one of the founding fathers, James Madison, would likely have thought about it. James Madison was the architect of the first amendment which guarantees the right to free speech in the United States. One of the panel experts will be Jeffrey Rosen who is recognized as an expert on James Madison and who is also the chief executive officer of the Bush Presidential Center. Joining him will be Amy Mitchell, another recognized Madison expert, and Mike Wilson who edits the Dallas Morning News.


Praising the Lord At Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is where one can worship and feel the spirit and know the truth in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Worship services are held in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota at Excel Academy for Higher Learning. Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. Bishop Williams has over 30 years Christian Ministry services. Visit to know more.

Bishop Thomas Williams Education

Rhema Bible Training Center

Ministerial Graduate

Tulsa, Oklahoma

North Central University

Bachelor of Arts

Mass Communications

Minneapolis, Minnesota

Bethel University and Seminary

Master of Arts

Organizational Leadership

Saint Paul, Minnesota

Midwest Christian College and Seminary

Honorary Doctorate

St. Thomas College

Honorary Doctorate

Jacksonville, Florida

Mighty Fortress Church

Mighty Fortress Church is actually the home office of Bishop Williams located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The actual Church service and any other type of services provided by Bishop Williams are located in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota at Excel Academy for Higher Learning 6510 Zane Avenue North Suite 107. Bishop Thomas Williams is the Senior Pastor and Founder of Mighty Fortress International Church and Ministries. The services provided are preaching and teaching in an inviting atmosphere to all. Bishop Williams shares his wisdom and knowledge in his several years of ministry studies applying it to the world one lives in today in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Uniqueness at Mighty Fortress

Mighty Fortress services focus sermons on modern day living and what God has done thus far in one’s life. Bishop Williams, in an inviting atmosphere, speaks on victorious Christian living that is taken effect on one’s life today uplifting the spiritual presence of the Lord Jesus Christ in the house of worship.


Atmosphere at Mighty Fortress

Every man, women, and child of any race creed or color is welcome at Mighty Fortress Church. This is definitely a come as you are a place of worship. No one human is qualified to pass judgment and everyone that attends Mighty Fortress will have a peaceful spiritual experience listening to the words of Bishop Williams

What One Believes In

What one believes in spiritual comes with questions that one deserves an answer for one can start by attending Mighty Fortress Church. Bishop Williams is there to explain life and the love of the lord and why worship is so fulfilling. The good in life does experience sometimes experience some bad let Bishop Williams explain to one why this is so at Mighty Fortress Church. One will enjoy their visit to Mighty Fortress Church not only preaching and teaching is provide one can enjoy the sound of heart-warming gospel music and songs that are sung by the choir.

Bishop Thomas Williams at the End of the Day

Bishop Williams is a respected clergyman in his community who truly love the Lord, but when church services are over for the day. Bishop Williams is a loving husband and the proud father of three children residing in the state of Minnesota. Watch this video on Youtube.

Organo Gold Offers Employment and Well Being

Many of those who choose not to participate in the workforce do so because they feel that the inflexibility of a normal nine to five job gets in the way of things like raising a family or pursuing your true passions in life. View Organo Gold’s profile on Luckily, companies like Organo Gold exist that allow you to work as little or as much as you want and on your own time. Organo Gold is a global network marketing company. Their product specialties are beverages and self car products all of which contain Ganoderma which is a traditional Asian ingredient in many natural medications that as a variety of health benefits. The teas and coffees are infused with Ganoderma meaning not only do they taste great but they are great for your body as well. Organo Gold gives you the opportunity to not only enjoy the product for yourself but also to become a sales associate in order to make some extra money on the side. Visit to know more about Organo Gold. As you become more experienced with the company you have the opportunity to advance to higher responsibility roles which offer even higher wages. There are no set hours so you never have to feel pressured to do any work that you don’t have time for or simply don’t feel like doing. You truly get out what you put it making it one of the most flexible careers possible. You can start by trying the many products Organo Gold offers for yourself. You will immediately become a better and more convincing sales associate if you have personally used and believe in your product based on a firsthand experience. Organo Gold also sponsors the OG Cares Foundation. This foundation focuses on the youth within communities and gives them opportunities to make a difference that they may not have had otherwise. It is Organo Gold’s hope that by paying it forward now, the youth of today will pass on the positive influence they have received to the next generation of youth. Companies like Organo Gold give tens of thousands of people per year the opportunity to work for themselves and truly believe in and utilize the products they are selling. Because you get out what you put in, this network marketing company works for those who want to do it part time or those who dive right in and never look back. Organo Gold is a fantastic opportunity for people from all walks of life.


Sentient AI’s Recommendation Engine – Intuitive!

What is AI? AI is a form of software that has human like self-awareness and intelligence. There are many components to a Sentient AI program and one of the most exciting uses for this technology is e-commerce. At the heart of every computer program is an engine and in e-commerce a strong and flexible engine is vital to its operation. These cutting-edge engines are written by software engineers at Sentient AI. Years of experience and research are behind the e-commerce engine produced by Sentient AI.

E-commerce is all about pleasing shoppers online. An e-commerce recommendation engine takes the place of a live salesperson by framing and presenting recommendations and suggests based on items the customer has searched and clicked. There are many ways recommendations are presented, but perhaps the most common and effective is “Customers who viewed this, also viewed…”.

Sentient AI recommendation engine is more efficient than a human salesperson in tracking the consumer’s tastes and can search an entire inventory in seconds to offer the customer items that suit their viewing and shopping styles. The recommendation engine has the ability to search an entire inventory and make offers to the shopper to fill his or her needs in seconds. Unlike the savvy sales person who offers an item to a customer at checkout or when passing them by the aisle the recommendation engine stays with the customer throughout the shopping experience and offer items to complement their purchases.

The recommendation engines are able to target customer shopping styles with laser like speed and efficiency and as the customer browses the online store they are offered multiple options to view and click items of a similar complementary nature. The engine learns as the customer proceeds by following their shopping habits and following and customers of similar habits. The software learns as the customer shops and stores the data gathered from each customer and the interactions of interactions with customers of similar tastes. This creates a vast database to draw upon that is searched swiftly and efficiently.

Multiple intuitive feeling touch points are offered to the customers who are shopping offering personalized feel to each customer through their colorful and appealing displays. The Sentient AI recommendation engines are personalized to individual retailers specifications. Where the suggestions appear and how they appear is up to the retailer. To see this type of recommendation engine in action visit

Buy WEN, Then Cleanse!

If you need good reasons to buy a cleansing conditioner, keep reading:

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If you want to try a cleansing conditioner, try WEN. WEN has many different types of cleansing conditioner available, and they’re the perfect brand, and they have been in business for many years helping people just like you find the best products for their hair.


You’ll love how easily you can find WEN, too: just look online, and then go to your nearest retailer to find the best solution to your hair needs. We bet it’s a cleansing conditioner! You’ll love how easy these are to use, and the almond flavor of WEN’s product will leave you wanting to get up and use it everyday for your cleansing and conditioning needs.

If you need any hair care products, try WEN, and you won’t be disappointed. That’s a steady guarantee.

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The World of Whitney Wolfe and Bumble

Finding true love can be difficult in this day and age. There are so many distractions that it can be hard to determine if someone is for you in the right way. There are many ways people go about finding love these days. They can look to the traditional way of going out and meeting someone or they can venture into the online world and try to meet someone there. The online dating world is vast and people longing for companionship have to be very careful not to meet the wrong people. It is recommended that individuals looking for matches, research the online website or the dating app they are interested in before signing up.

In addition to online dating websites, mobile dating apps that can be downloaded to our phones are all the rage. These dating applications make it easy for potential matches to see each other and decide if they want to go further. One popular dating app is Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that is quite unique. Bumble puts the control in the woman’s hands. This dating app allows the woman to make the first move when they decide they are attracted to a possible match. There is one big advantage of using a dating app like Bumble. Bumble is mobile, so anyone can find a potential love match from wherever they are in the world. Gone are days of having to wait to meet someone or waiting days to text back. With Bumble, love connections can happen faster because of the convenience of the mobile app.

Watch: TechCrunch One on One with Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe

Whitney Wolfe is the founder of Bumble. Whitney was born in Salt Lake City, Utah and she attended Southern Methodist University. While at Southern Methodist University, Whitney Wolfe’s major was International Studies. At 19, she started her first business selling tote bags made from bamboo. After graduation, she worked in orphanages in Southeast Asia. When Whitney was 22, she joined a startup incubator called Hatch Labs. While there she was working on a startup called Cardify. When Cardify was abandoned, Whitney Wolfe co-founded a dating app called Tinder with Chris Gulzcynski, Rad, and Justin Mateen. Tinder became very popular under Wolfe’s and the other founders’ leadership.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe left Tinder to start her own dating app, Bumble in the same year. Bumble was released to the public in December of 2014. Bumble’s headquarters are located in Austin, Texas. Whitney Wolfe was named Forbes “30 Under 30” in 2017 and she was also named a “Woman in Tech” by Elle Magazine. Wolfe’s company Bumble has 11 registered employees.

Read the full Forbes article here >>

A Splendid Lifetime Acheivement in the Investment Industry

Timothy D. Armour has been with the Capital Group since 1983, and he has progressed significantly through the ranks in the company. Capital Group is the home of American Funds in which is one of the leading, global, investment management firms.

Timothy Armour is based in the Los Angeles, California office, and he is now the chief executive officer and chairman of the company. He is the principal executive officer for Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. as well which is a part Capital Group. Timothy Armour also holds the office of an equity portfolio manager, and he’s the chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

Tim Armour’s Record of Accolades

Timothy Armour has over 33 years of experience in the investment industry that are all acquired through the Capital Group. He began his career at the company as a participant in the associates program. He then went on to being one of their equity investment analysts which covered the US service and global telecommunications companies. Additionally, Timothy Armour has earned his bachelors degree in economics from the Middlebury College.

Announced Being the Chairman of Capital Group

The announcement of Armour being the new chairman of the Capital Group was made in July 2015. During the time of the announcement, it was also announced that other senior members of the company’s management committee will continually work with other committee members to communicate, set, and implement the company’s overall business strategies and oversee operations. The other senior members include Rob Lovelace, president of Capital Research and Management Company and Phil de Toledo, president of Capital Group. Timothy Armour is succeeding the former Chairman, Jim Rothenberg, because he passed away.

More on the Capital Group According to Tim Armour

The Capital Group’s true strength lies in the collective talents of all their associates who are aligned behind the company’s mission to deliver long term and superior investment results for their clients and investors. Capital Group’s management team as well as their 7,600 associates continually look forward to their legacy of over 84 years of delivering their commitments to the investors and the advisors who serve them.

Click here to learn more about Timothy Armour.

George Soros: A Self-made Billionaire

George Soros is a wealthy man. His name will definitely come up if people decide to talk about the richest people on earth. Ranked at position 23 on the Forbes rich list, Soros is a self-made billionaire. He has utilized his long life properly since he has really made it. George Soros was born 85 years ago in Budapest, Hungary. He is a citizen of both the USA and his home country of Hungary. He is of Jewish descent and a real hard worker.

George Soros is well-educated man as shown by him holding a Bachelor of Arts degree from the London School of Economics. He also holds a Master’s degree. Soros holds several titles in the business world. He is the Chairman to Open Society Foundation and also Soros Fund Management on George Soros is also the architect responsible for existence of Quantum Fund. His Firm Soros Fund Management sold off over a third of its stock in the USA and freed money enough to buy stake at Barrick Gold Corp which is the largest gold miner in the world. The stake was worth $264 million for 1.7 percent of the company.

Soros Fund Management talks openly about the dealings of the billionaire and revealed that he owns 1.05 million shares at SDPR Gold Trust. This is a company whose main role is to keep up with gold prices in the market.

George Soros had endured a tough time before he became the man he is today. He was a Word War Two survivor and was lucky to escape the Nazis and fled to England. He stayed in England for a long time and acquired his academic qualifications there. It is then that he moved to America where he built his empire.

Soros has been involved in various activities aimed at bettering the lives of those who are not very fortunate. He has helped provide finances to aid black students in studying in Cape Town University. This was back in the days when South Africa was an apartheid state. His organization, Open Society Foundation active in over 100 countries across the globe and take pride in trying to ensure fairness and transparency in the society.

George Soros is a man of many abilities. Aside from being a busy business man, George Soros also functions as an author. He has written many books in which he seeks to offer advice on several topics. He has written on matters relating to economics, society and politics. Soros also tries to warn if he notices something that may go wrong. He issued warning on the danger of having an economy run through debts. He gave an example of what happened in 2008 when there was a worldwide inflation due to accruement of debts in the US economy. Read more on

Soros and his companies seek to grow even more around the world while also looking to bettering the lives of other people. That is the real meaning of true wealth.