Archive: December 2017

Sentient AI’s Recommendation Engine – Intuitive!

What is AI? AI is a form of software that has human like self-awareness and intelligence. There are many components to a Sentient AI program and one of the most exciting uses for this technology is e-commerce. At the heart of every computer program is an engine and in e-commerce a strong and flexible engine is vital to its operation. These cutting-edge engines are written by software engineers at Sentient AI. Years of experience and research are behind the e-commerce engine produced by Sentient AI.

E-commerce is all about pleasing shoppers online. An e-commerce recommendation engine takes the place of a live salesperson by framing and presenting recommendations and suggests based on items the customer has searched and clicked. There are many ways recommendations are presented, but perhaps the most common and effective is “Customers who viewed this, also viewed…”.

Sentient AI recommendation engine is more efficient than a human salesperson in tracking the consumer’s tastes and can search an entire inventory in seconds to offer the customer items that suit their viewing and shopping styles. The recommendation engine has the ability to search an entire inventory and make offers to the shopper to fill his or her needs in seconds. Unlike the savvy sales person who offers an item to a customer at checkout or when passing them by the aisle the recommendation engine stays with the customer throughout the shopping experience and offer items to complement their purchases.

The recommendation engines are able to target customer shopping styles with laser like speed and efficiency and as the customer browses the online store they are offered multiple options to view and click items of a similar complementary nature. The engine learns as the customer proceeds by following their shopping habits and following and customers of similar habits. The software learns as the customer shops and stores the data gathered from each customer and the interactions of interactions with customers of similar tastes. This creates a vast database to draw upon that is searched swiftly and efficiently.

Multiple intuitive feeling touch points are offered to the customers who are shopping offering personalized feel to each customer through their colorful and appealing displays. The Sentient AI recommendation engines are personalized to individual retailers specifications. Where the suggestions appear and how they appear is up to the retailer. To see this type of recommendation engine in action visit